Redwood Area Basketball Association Philosophy:

The Redwood Area Basketball Association (RABA) will allow boys and girls from grades 4 through 8 to participate in its organization.  Participation in RABA is designed to further develop the abilities of young boys and girls in the sport of basketball and their interest and appreciation of the game.  Members of this organization will be allowed to compete on teams at the various grade levels.  Every attempt will be made in team size to numbers between 8 and 10.  Modifications maybe made in team rosters to prevent problems involving too many players and not enough playing minutes.

All attempts will be made to keep the average amount of playing time for all players as reasonably equal as possible, while continuing to retain a competitive balance.  Coaches will not be expected to “stop clock” their players playing times, but will be encouraged to use all of their players in situations where the kids have opportunities to be successful.  Coaches are also expected to consider players’ practice habits and attitudes when assigning playing minutes to each of their team’s members.

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